About Louise Torio

Telephone:  619 233-8833  • Email: HistoricSanDiego@aol.com



After getting her B.A. from Rutgers College in New Brunswick in Communications and Art History and working as an account executive at major Manhattan advertising agencies for many years, Louise moved to San Diego with her husband Steve Veach, a graphic designer and illustrator. Louise is a motivating preservationist and a lover of history who has inspired people throughout San Diego county to appreciate and restore value to their inner-city neighborhoods.

Louise uses her skills in newsletter writing, marketing, advertising, and docent training to organize exceptional community home tour events that have raised tens of thousands of dollars for local preservation organizations. Louise was honored with numerous awards, including a "40 Under 40 Making a Difference in San Diego" award from San Diego Metropolitan Magazine for her work in historic preservation throughout the region of San Diego, in addition to awards by the City of San Diego Historical Resources Board, by the San Diego City Council, and by the Congress of History of San Diego and Imperial Counties for her contributions to the preservation and development of the history of San Diego.


Louise makes the layers of history come alive for locals and visitors through her animated walking tours of the Sherman Heights Historic District and the historic Villa Montezuma Museum located in the District (see the Friends of the Villa Montezuma Museum website at www.VillaMontezumaMuseum.org). She has also restored her own two side-by-side, 1887 Victorian homes. She is a member of the Southeastern San Diego Planning Group, where she promotes the use of preservation for neighborhood improvement and the adaptive reuse of older buildings. Louise currently serves as Chair of the Friends of the Villa Montezuma, Inc.  Under Louise's leadership the nonprofit has produced exciting local events.


As a Mills Act advocate Louise is a believer that this property tax reduction incentive can turn unpopular older housing stock into beautiful, desirable historic districts. She has been instrumental in organizing the historic homeowners in many cities to successfully lobby for the adoption of the Mills Act. She has testified to the benefits of and the need for historic preservation before many city councils and other government groups, and has written articles on the Mills Act for San Diego Home/Garden Magazine as well as other publications. Louise has helped with varied historic preservation projects throughout the region.